24 racing motorcycles auctioned: several MotoGP and Mir’s Moto3

And how much will be paid for these motorcycles? Well, it is estimated that Aprilia, two of which are in full condition, can fetch up to

And how much will be paid for these ? Well, it is estimated that , two of which are in full condition, can fetch up to £ 60,000 (about 69,500 euros) each and come from the ephemeral era of CRT (Claiming Rules Team), when they were highly modified series motorcycles (more than a superbike, with different regulations as they had free chassis and motor derived from the series).

As for the rest of the motorcycles, the price is expected to be around 50,000 pounds (about 58,000 euros) each. In addition to the motorcycle of Joan Mir and the Aprilia, will be auctioned (among others): a 1995 Yamaha YZF750 ex-Niall Mackenzie Cadbury’s Boost BSB, a R1 ex-David Jefferies 2001 V&M, a 1971 Yamaha TD2 ex- Read and a magnificent replica of a Honda RC163 250.

Although it is a lot of money, it seems little when compared to what they could cost in their day. When got hold of the Aprilia in 2015 he assured that when they were new they could have cost a few 850,000 euros each. An amount of money that of course only a privileged few could have paid. And we say it in the past tense because the sale of these machines is no longer allowed. Since 2015 you can no longer buy a motorcycle private: those who run with them can only rent them …

In addition to these motorcycles, more than 500 lots will be auctioned, ranging from classic motorcycles to memorabilia. The event will be online and will take place at the annual classic motorcycle mechanics fair in on Sunday, October 10.