28 years after the death of the Brazilian pilot

This Sunday May 1 28 years have passed since the death of Brazilian Ayrton Sennaconsidered one of the best pilots in the h

This Sunday May 1 28 years have passed since the death of Brazilian considered one of the best pilots in the history of the who died at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994.

In the race held in Imola, Italy, the runner, who was 34 years old at the time, he crashed into a concrete barrier at more than 200 kilometers per hour and suffered a fatal head injury.

During his time in Formula 1, Senna played eleven seasons and a total of 161 racesin which he managed to position himself 65 times in the first starting position and won 41 rounds. In addition, the Paulista managed to get on the podium 80 times and He won the world title of the competition in 1999, 1990 and 1991.

During his stay at the biggest motorsport event, the racer competed for the Toleman, Lotus, Williams and McLaren teams. Precisely, the British team, with which the Brazilian won three championships from him, recalled Senna’s legacy. “For many, the best pilot who ever lived. A legend inside and outside the car. His dominance on the track was unmatched and bordered on otherworldly,” they wrote on their social media.

For its part, the Italian team Ferrari also highlighted the importance of the figure of Ayrton Senna. “One of our biggest competitors, who we admire a lot,” they posted.

Finally, the official Formula 1 account also joined the commemoration of the Brazilian’s death. “A unique talent idolized by millions, who will be remembered forever.”

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