30 years since the retirement of the best small forward in NBA history

He is the only person in NBA history to have been voted best player, best coach and best executive. And that falls short. Larry Bird needs no introduction because he is one of the great legends of the sport. At 65 years old, this Thursday marks the 30th anniversary of a key date in his personal history and also in that of basketball: his retirement.

On August 18, 1992, just after winning Olympic gold in Barcelona with the first team in the United States full of professional players, Bird announced his retirement due to back problems. It was a marked date in American basketball every time he said goodbye, at 35 years old, one of the greatest in the NBA, a competition in which he was 13 consecutive years, all of them under the ’33’ of the Boston Celtics.

His track record is long to remember: three NBA titles (1981, 1984, 1986), the aforementioned awards for best player (1984, 1985 and 1986), best coach (1988) and best executive (2012), 12 participations in the All Star, rookie in 1980, gold medal with the United States (1992), member of the NBA 75th Anniversary Team (2021)…

Larry Bird is considered the best small forward in NBA history. At 2’06 meters tall, he left unrepeatable moments and is the only forward to average 20 (or more) points per game, as well as five assists and 10 rebounds. Total dominator of basketball in the 1980s, once he retired – an event that is now 30 years old – he became part of the Celtics’ technical team, although his big break came in 1997.

That year he took over the bench of the Indiana Pacers, where he reached an NBA final, lost to the Lakers in 2000. Until 2017 he was a kind of sports director of this team and until recently he was part of his team. management team.

Larry Bird’s jersey and his ’33’ from the Celtics, which the team retiredGTRES

As the great NBA legend that he is, last year the organization created the Conference Finals MVP award, one of which (East) is named after Larry Bird for helping to define the modern NBA with his individual brilliance and his team success.