5 benefits of practicing boxing

Boxing is a sport that works all muscle groups, improves aerobic capacity and eliminates tension. The boxing it is no longer a residual or marginal

Boxing is a sport that works all muscle groups, improves aerobic capacity and eliminates tension.

The boxing it is no longer a residual or marginal sport. More and more men and women practice it.

And it is not strange if we take into account the rhythm of life what we carry “Boxing has become the ideal way that many people release stressget fit, have funbreak with its monotony and get out of the vicious home/work circle that perpetuates our sedentary lifestyle”it states Cesar Barbosaco-founder of Fightland, a boxing club with a presence in 5 Spanish cities.

Why is boxing in fashion?

For a long time, boxing has been seen as an aggressive sport, but that view has changed in recent years.

“The attention it has received for years in media such as film and television, as well as the new methodologies, more adapted to the pedagogy and the break with a sedentary lifestyle, have pushed many to give it a opportunityBarbosa explains.

No need to get into a ring to practice and can be done dynamic exercises to work both the part of strength like the cardio and exercise the whole body.

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The boxing gets you in shape and, according to its defenders, it is a way of playing sports different to the one practiced in the traditional gym. “In boxing there are no heart rate monitors, nor are kilometers, steps or calories counted. In this sport we are guided by clothing, which is looser every time; your body, more toned and flexible with each session; ola smile of satisfaction at the end of classsays Cesar.

Benefits of practicing boxing

César Barbosa explains the main benefits of this discipline that has become fashionable and in which many find motivation to play sports.

1. Increases agility, reflexes and elasticity

“Boxing doesn’t just involve hitting a bag or fighting in a ring, it also takes a previous training in which you work on agility and elasticity”point.

  • With exercises like skipping or the upper and lower body workwe gain elasticity that will help us improve in boxing practice and also in daily activities.
  • Rapid and coordinated movement sequences also favor mental acuity and reflexes.

For all this, it is a very complete training to add years with and move away falls and fractures.

2. Fight anxiety and stress

Boxing acts as a great catalyst of energy and emotions, which are discharged with each blow we take, which is why it provides important benefits for mental health. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why many people start in this discipline.

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“This sport increases the esteemthe security and removes complex. In boxing there is an important discharge of adrenaline. The fast pace of this sport helps release endorphins, which cause a feeling of strength and well-being”underlines.

3. Tones the whole body

One of the main objectives when we exercise is to tone the body, that’s why we do series of exercises for each area.

In boxing training they intervene all muscle groups of the human body. There is intense work endurance, strength, velocity and power, both of the lower and upper train and especially of the abdomen.

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The development of explosive force and the characteristics intermittent high-intensity exercise (three minutes of work with one minute of rest, replicating the times of a boxing match) are an ideal combination for strengthening muscles and losing fat. boxing is great hiit workout.

4. Burn lots of calories

As in other fun disciplines such as dance, in boxing doesn’t stop. Apart from gaining muscle and releasing tension, being in continuous movement caloric expenditure increases. We are not aware of it but we are constantly doing cardio and burning calories.

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But boxing not only helps keep weight offis also an investment in health: it improves our aerobic capacity, increases the volume of Pulmonary ventilationI know lowers blood pressure and decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

5. Promotes mental balance

“Boxing not only shapes the body, but also shape the mind. Such a demanding sport enhances the discipline, as well as the ability to overcome obstacles, which will come out of us more easily. With the boxing trainingyou get used to not giving up and exceeding your limits”stands out.

But if something succeeds in boxing, it is that let’s disconnect from daily problems, that is why it is a great ally to reduce tensions. To this is added a great sensation of muscular effort and adrenaline discharge, concludes the expert.

What is a boxing class like?

  • Duration: 1 hour.
  • Starts with a heating very intense: jump rope, running, squats, burpees, TRX.
  • First block of work, for couples and with the gloves onwhere they practice boxing techniques: hits, defenses, displacements, combinations, dodges, blocks, etc.
  • Training in the bagswith high-intensity directed exercises that are a true “fat burner”.
  • stretching to reduce soreness and possible injuries.