5 players who did not do well in Argentine football but succeeded in Europe

"In Argentine football not everyone plays", "Go to the field of Olimpo, del Bicho, come on, let's see if you dribble there", repeat the Kings of th

“In Argentine football not everyone plays”, “Go to the field of Olimpo, del Bicho, come on, let’s see if you dribble there”, repeat the Kings of the Night in the bar on the corner. And many times it is true. Or else, look 5 cases that broke it in Europe and in Argentina neither fu nor fa…

Leandro Chichizola

River Plate wanted to throw me there and here I am. / Nicolò Campo/GettyImages

Leandro’s thing chichizola in River it seems to be a failure, but the goalkeeper was left with the thorn of never embracing ownership -even with great performances such as when he replaced Barovero in the 2014 Final Tournament that Ramón’s team conquered-.

Considering that dethroning rag It was almost impossible, he left for the Italian promotion Spezia Calcio and his good performances allowed him to make the leap to Spanish football, first to Las Palmas and then to Getafe.

Leonardo Ulloa

This ground should have Argentina to play well. / Quality Sport Images/GettyImages

CAI of Comodoro Rivadavia, San Lorenzo, Arsenal and Olimpo They saw this striker pass without penalty or glory. Between 2008 and 2013 he played for Castellón and Almería, two minor clubs in Spain, and in 2013/2014 for English side Brighton.

However, Ulloa reached the crest of the wave with the shirt of Leicester, the club with which he won a historic title in 2016. After a second cycle in Brighton and a spell in Pachuca, today he is in Rayo Vallecano.

Gonzalo Escalante

This is how he caught the ball in Argentina. / Angel Martinez/GettyImages

Emerged from the inferiors of Boca, he made his debut in 2013 in the historic win against San Martín de San Juan by 6 to 1. He played 11 games and never managed to get a place in the team.

For this reason, he left for Catania, a team that played in the Second Division. In 2015 he arrived at Eibar to reach the peak of his career. The Spanish team bought the token from him and holds him as one of the most important players in his squad.

Daniel Osvaldo

When you don’t understand why it’s not given to you. / Rodrigo Valle/GettyImages

Emerged from the quarry of Hurricane, Osvaldo he left for Europe to make a name for himself. There, he went through big clubs like Juventus, Roma and Inter in Italy, in addition to Espanyol de Barcelona, ​​Southampton and Porto. His goals led him to nationalize Italian and represent the Azzurra in international competitions.

However, his time in Boca was unpleasant. In the beginning, he paid with goals but his arrival was to win the Libertadores and he had to see how his team was eliminated -no less- with River.

His second stage was even worse: Guillermo Barros Schelotto marginalized him from the squad for finding him smoking in the locker room.


This is how Palomino marks in Atalanta. / MIGUEL MEDINA/GettyImages

He made roots in San Lorenzo – he played 44 games in 5 years – and never managed to stand out from the rest. He then moved to Argentinos Juniors and in July 2014 Metz opened the doors of Europe for him.

After two years in France and a season at Ludogorets in Bulgaria, he arrived at Atalanta in 2017 to become a highly valued defender in Serie A. Boca wanted him in the last market, but the Bergamo team did not want to let him go.

One of the best in Calcium.