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5 soccer stars who will be in MLS during the 2022 season

MLS is known for being a very attractive league for great world soccer stars in the twilight of their careers, but more and more are the figures at a good level who are joining North American soccer.

Here are five stars who will stand out throughout the rest of the 2022 season, arriving as part of the summer transfer sale.

This 31-year-old Brazilian was at the time one of the most expensive wingers in European football, being the great figure of Shaktar Donetsk, then appearing in Bayern Munich and Juventus. After his last stage in the Guild, he arrives free to play in the Los Angeles Galaxy.

This 30-year-old Swiss player has become a globetrotter and after being part of teams like Inter Milan, Bayern Munich and Liverpool, he will end up in the United States after being signed by the Chicago Fire.

There were 11 seasons in which Lorenzo Insigne wrote his name in the history of Napoli, a team in which he managed to win two Coppa Italia. Following his 121 goals and 95 assists in 433 appearances for the Italian club, he signed with Toronto FC for the current MLS season.

For 17 years, Giorgio Chiellini was one of the great references of the Juventus defense, reaching a total of nine Serie A championships. Currently, the former Italy captain signed for one year with Los Angeles FC and hopes to be one of the greatest figures of the Californian team.

After being part of the Real Madrid dynasty that won five Champions League titles over the last eight years, Welshman Gareth Bale announced his arrival at Los Angeles FC. His contract will be for one year and he hopes to have a great impact, after adding 106 goals in 258 goals with the white team.

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