65 players participated in the II Navarra Disc Golf Open

The winners of the Master 50. / BAXIHeld in IrrisarriLand, it is the first tournament of the six that make up the II Cup of SpainADCs bortziriak.

The winners of the Master 50. / BAXI

Held in IrrisarriLand, it is the first tournament of the six that make up the II Cup of Spain

ADCs bortziriak.
Friday, April 1, 2022, 00:11

This past weekend the II Navarra Disc was held at the IrriSarri Land Disc Golf course, the first of the 6 tournaments that make up the II Spanish Disc Golf Cup organized by the AEDG (Asoc Española de Disc Golf ).

The local Club Baxi Basajauna organized the event that had the participation of 65 from all over Spain and other countries. On Friday the 25th, the Couples Championship was played, which was won by Xavi Aguilar from Esperit and Carlos Ortega from Oviedo with 43 shots (-13) over the 56 handicap that this course has. On Saturday and Sunday the individual competition took place in the different categories.


First, the couples prizes were awarded, then the trophy to the CTP champion who was Iván Gutiérrez, from Compostela and current president of the AEDG (Asoc Española de Disc Golf).

On the MPO podium 1st Nathan Lanneluc, from French Cestas who, at 18 years old, completed a card of -10 with 158 shots. In FPO, Carla Martin, from Esperit and Yooando, was first 1st with +31 and 199 launches. In MA1, Miguel Espiau, from Madrid International, was first with +5 and 173 pitches. In MA4, Christian González Palomeque, from Puerta de Doñana and Yooando won with +26 and 194 pitches.

In MP50, Sean Young, from Bilbao, was first with +8 and 176 pitches. In MJ18 he defeated Lucas Gómez, from Esperit with +56 and 224 pitches. The wind was decisive in some moments and put each player in his position.

Disc golf is the sport that has grown the most worldwide in the last two years “and it shows that we are increasing in number and quality of players,” explains Mikel Ibarrola, from Baxi Basajaun, the organizers of the event in Igantzi.