7 incredible facts about the Spanish women’s team

The Spanish women's team is at its best and goes for everything in the European Championship which is based in England from July 6 to 31. Th

The Spanish women’s team is at its best and goes for everything in the European Championship which is based in England from July 6 to 31. The soccer team has struggled for decades to be the best in Europe and the world.

7 incredible facts about the Spanish women’s team

1.- Disciplined

The Spanish women’s soccer team gets up at 7:00 am to get ready for a whole day of training, from 8:00 am to 9:00 am they have breakfast, from 9:00 am to 10:00 am they have a physiotherapy session, they also have a gym, training and media attention. Then comes lunchtime, they rest for an hour and train again.

“We have always said it: the work we do is so that all those who come after have it much easier”, says Jenni Hermoso.

2.- Difficulties

More than one player has had to endure playing in the men’s team and I say endure because they did not have the infrastructure to form a women’s team, they have managed to climb little by little to fill stadiums and reach the European Championship.

3.- Achievements

Of the 5 selected for the Ballon d’Or 2021, 4 were Spanish, they have also won the Champions League with Barça, becoming the first Spanish team to do so. They have also achieved a record attendance in the match between Barca and Real Madrid with 91,553 viewers.

“Now, what it takes is years. This is a question that has to do with the fact that, historically, until relatively recently, women were not considered professional athletes. It takes time for us to work: the better preparation, more studies and improvements we have around us, the better Show we will give and we will be better prepared. Logically, here the commitment or investment of institutions that believe in this and take it as something professional, as was done with the boys, is key” Alexia Putellas

4.- More shirts

Alexia Putellasplayer of Barça, captain of the Spanish women’s team and winner of the 2021 Women’s Ballon d’Or, he sells twice as many jerseys as any soccer player on the men’s team. In addition, they have more advertising contracts and have even appeared on magazine covers. But with all this, his salary is 200 times less than the winner of the men’s Ballon d’Or, Leo Messi.

“We have suffered much less than previous generations. The veterans have FIGHTED for us to be here”, affirms Amaiur Sarriegi.

5.- Inequality

Inequalities have always been known, from the treatment given to the national team to salaries, but soccer players take the opportunity to denounce that even if they have good results, the reward is not always the same.

6.- Empathic

They support and want to normalize the presence of members LGBTI+ and they are sure that many references are needed in sports…

“In sport there are still many referents missing. I think it may have to do with the fear of being singled out, the fear of receiving criticism or simply the fear of not accepting oneself. It is also true that, in our case, at the media level we have never had that repercussion that the boys experience, so I have never worried about what they are going to say or if I could lose campaigns or sponsorships. That plays in our favor: since we have never had anything, we have nothing to lose” Mapi Leon

7.- Generation after generation

The new generations know that they owe it to the constant struggle of the past generations, they know that if they continue to progress then they will have very positive results for future generations, the important thing is that both the veteran generation and the new ones are a complement, From the veterans you learn from the new ones, the energy and joy that is needed in a team is transmitted.

“We have suffered much less and we hope that those who come will have even fewer obstacles. Many of the veterans have fought for us to be here now” Amaiur Sarriegi