A banner signing, by Santi Nolla

The name of Haaland it excites Barcelona fans and the club lives installed in the world of emotions more than in that of realities. That the Norwegian can come if there is money is the most obvious. The Barça you need a star to start the virtuous circle and you can’t go wrong. Haaland It is a signing that does not need sagacious discoverers. He is a great scorer, more similar to the style of the groundbreaking nine, explosive and strong. It is a nine nothing false. In another era it is possible that voices of the essences could be heard appealing that the model does not meet the model, as another great Nordic like Ibrahimovic, but today essences are just perfume.

Haaland It is very expensive, not because of the transfer price, but because of the commissions that can reach 60 million to be distributed among the agent, Mino Raiola, and the player’s father. It is an absolutely outrageous amount to pay in commission mode, especially when it is about to legislate lower fixed percentages of commissions in transfers. The signing of the Norwegian will exceed 100 million euros. The Barça You can exploit your image and profit in marketing and sponsorships and start a good cycle with a guy who pulls the team. But in football the key is always that: performance. But it clearly has the banner effect.

His characteristics are spectacular and his age (21 years) give a clear profile of an achiever. At Borussia has excelled in German football and in the Champions with a football style calibrated to his best player conditions with spaces and the ability to deploy his strength. At Barça He will not have so many meters to run, but he will surely have many opportunities that will serve him a dressing midfield and two open ends that will allow him to fight with the centrals. If there is a ‘killer’ that is Haaland. But the tone of the Barça It will not be the one of the last 15 years with the magic football surgery of Messi with Xavi and Iniesta in the trilogy. But Barça must open a new stage.