A chaos, the disorder of football

From scandal to scandal, being what happened in the party Brazil vs Argentina of the eliminatory of the Conmebol, the largest of them. Still not

From scandal to scandal, being what happened in the party Brazil vs Argentina of the eliminatory of the , the largest of them. Still not finished the window of this date and disorder has returned to world football. In fact, the scandals began before the games all over the world began, when the ban was announced for the players who play in the Premier League They will travel with their teams to the countries that are on the so-called “red list” of the United Kingdom, which began to divide opinions in international football.

Then what happened in Sao Paulo and – in view of the protocols that exist for people traveling from United Kingdom can enter Brazilian territory— there is a theme: The way in which the Argentine federation seeks to take advantage of whatever it is and a marked political issue in Brazil, have resulted in an embarrassing chapter that the FIFA it should resolve immediately and not leave the possibilities open to further speculation.

You can read: “FIFA launches its position after the suspension of the Brazil vs Argentina match”

But it was not only seeing Messi with the photographer’s jacket, trying to understand what was happening, or the sanitary agent on the field looking to stop Emiliano Martínez, Emiliano Buendía, Cristian Romero and Giovani Lo Celso, to deport them. There were other things that have marked these days and that also attract attention for adding to the disorder that is currently experienced in football.

One of those was the racist screams of which some soccer players were victims. England on your visit to Budapest for the game before Hungary, and not only that, but in the game Romania vs Liechtenstein a copy was presented, by the local public, of the “discriminatory” cry that has cost Mexico various fines and playing the first game of the tie behind closed doors.

In the Concacaf, in the blessed Concacaf, several things to highlight, such as what happened in The Savior, at Cuscatlan, in which during his first match, against USA, some fans threw objects at the opponents, especially in the corner kicks, and for the second, before Honduras, they cut off the electricity to prevent the catrachos from training in the stadium, and then there was another “blackout”, already during the game.

And to close, the case of Weston McKennie, American selected, who acknowledged having broken the health protocols of the team, for which he was separated and will not participate in the last game of this FIFA date, in view of Honduras. Anyway, scandals and more scandals, and in many cases little good football within qualifying rounds that are increasingly boring and really not even worth it.

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