A Formula 1 champion affirms that the leader of Ferrari is Carlos Sainz

Published: Tuesday, July 26, 2022 15:41

Is there a number 1 driver in Ferrari? Both the team and Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc have insisted that this is not the case. At the moment there has been no message on the track that proves otherwise. But the debate, outside the team, continues and everyone has an opinion.

Damon Hill, Formula 1 champion in 1996, has opted for Sainz in statements to ‘Sky Sports F1’: “Carlos seems more like a team leader to me. He seems more familiar with the strategy, it seems that he can make decisions”.

“Charles is clearly fast and possibly faster than Carlos has been in the team, but communications with the garage, I think they are halfway there,” Hill said.

The former pilot believes that the team should take matters into their own hands and make things clear: “They need someone to take command and say ‘okay, we are going to make a decision’, be it the pilot or the strategist, and take a clear direction” .

The abandonment of Leclerc in France, added to the comeback of Sainz who finished in fifth place, have given both Max Verstappen and Red Bull a great advantage in the two championships, the drivers’ and the constructors’.

Despite this, Hill believes Ferrari still has room: “The potential is huge and I think if they can fix their problems they can be a real threat. If they can do it between now and the end of the world championship then it can be tight.”

Sainz did not drink in Paul Ricard

The Spaniard has revealed in ‘FormulaPass’ that his hydration system was not in operation throughout the test. He himself made the decision to withdraw the system: “The car is too heavy and I decided not to drink.”

“I didn’t sweat much either, so I’d rather go a tenth faster than hydrate myself,” said the Ferrari man.