A legion of former soccer players from Almeria

Carlos Miralles 14:27 • 11 nov. 2021 / updated at 14:48 • 11 nov. 2021

Carlos Miralles

14:27 • 11 nov. 2021

updated at 14:48 • 11 nov. 2021

The leader of Segunda, UD Almería, visits Can Misses this Sunday to face the recently promoted Ibiza. A sports project headed by Amadeo Salvo, who previously chaired Valencia, will not be satisfied with just staying in the silver category. But the rainfall is not good and the Pitiusans have relied on two people with rojiblanco DNA to bring this season to fruition. In Ibiza there is a legion of former Almeria football players, something that is not usually given by the number of players who defended the Almería shirt, Poli Ejido and even CD Roquetas.

David Morillas, left-back, went through Cuevas, Poli Ejido and stood out in that CD Roquetas that reached Second Division B. He was an important footballer who little by little was consolidated in the Professional League. In addition, he has been the starter for fourteen days, the man most used by Juan Carlos Carcedo along with Sergio Castel. Just eleven years ago Morillas played for Antonio Peroles, in Roquetas de Mar.

Juan Ibiza, much loved by the fans of Almería, has returned home after passing through the Mediterranean. The injuries did not allow him to perform regularly, although his way of being made him win the affection of an entire city. He landed in 2018 on loan from Villarreal and signed a three-year contract. This summer he reached an agreement to change teams and return to Ibiza with family and friends.

Further back in time Javi Lara appears. This talented Ibiza forward also knows what it’s like to play for Almería. It was in the 2007-2008 campaign, with the subsidiary competing in group IX of the Third Division. Later he took steps in his career, reaching the highest category, and now he intends to fight for something more than permanence with Ibiza. He is one of the highest quality players. “

Javi Pérez also went through Almería B, specifically between 2015 and 2017, even going up to the first team. A projection midfielder, he passed through Valladolid before traveling to Ibiza. At only 27 years old, he has a long career ahead of him and in Can Misses he feels important. He left a good performance in the Mediterranean.

David González Plata, ‘Nono’. It is already a Second Division classic. This summer he changed Tenerife for Ibiza. In the 2013-2014 campaign he signed for Almería B and was one of the fastest players in the category. At the age of 30, he joined the Pitiuso sports project. He was also well loved by fans.

Cristian Herrera was not lucky either. One of the renowned signings of Alfonso García in 2015-2016 had to leave due to lack of minutes. A goal from the canary to Ponferradina allowed Almería to be saved that same season. Add two goals with Ibiza. It is also adapted to competition.

On the bench Juan Carlos Carcedo, Unai Emery’s assistant in the first promotion to the top category of Almería as UD. He has started the solo stage and so far the results support him. From the sports direction another rojiblanco myth like Fernando Soriano. The maniac hung up his boots hastily to go to the bench and save the team from relegation.