A military man, a former NBA player and a filmmaker, among the new high-ranking officials of the Andalusian Government

The Andalusian Government has celebrated this Thursday an extraordinary meeting of the Governing Council in which he proceeded to complete the orga

The Andalusian Government has celebrated this Thursday an extraordinary of the Governing Council in which he proceeded to the organization chart of the 13 ministries with 58 appointments. Of these 58 appointments, 24 correspond to general secretariats, 31 are general directorates, as well as others three charges remaining, as reported by the Andalusian Government through a note.

Among the appointments there are profiles of all kinds. Although lawyers and officials abound, there are also more peculiar ones. It is the case of Jose Maria Ayerbete, the general director of Planning, Centers and Concerted Teaching, who is a doctor in Mathematics. The curriculum of Isabel Sánchez Fernández is also striking, former professional NBA player and doctor and that she will be the general director of Evetos and Sports Institutions, a position in which she was already in the last legislature.

At the head of the General Secretariat of Culture there will be a filmmaker: Solomon Castielwho, in addition to being a journalist and cultural manager, is member of the Royal Academy of Cinema and has directed the Valencia and Tangier film festivals. The new Andalusian Government will also have a magistrate. Francisco Ontiveros will be the general director of Juvenile Justice and Cooperation and, for years, has been in the Second Section of the Provincial Court of Granada.

The new Executive of Juanma Moreno will even count as an Army officer. It is José Loaiza, new director of the Andalusian Institute of Public and Military Administration In the reservation. And if there is a basketball player, there is also a coach. José María Arrabal, who is the General Secretary for Sports, began his professional career as a coach in the Maristas de Málaga team.

Appointments in detail

Regarding the list of appointments by departments, in the Ministry of the Presidency, Interior, Social Dialogue and Administrative Simplification Secretary General of Foreign Action, European Union and Cooperation has been appointed to José Enrique Millo Rocher; general technical secretary to María Almudena Gómez Velarde; director of the International Development Cooperation Agency to Celia Rosell Martí; and Director General of Communication to Sebastián Torres Haro.

In the Ministry of Economy, Finance and European Funds Victoria Carretero Márquez has been appointed General Director of Treasury and Public Debt; and General Director of Planning, Economic and Financial Policy to Esperanza Nieto Lobo.

In the Department of Educational Development and Vocational Training Olaia Abadía García de Vicuña has been appointed General Secretary for Vocational Training and Advanced Technologies; General Director of Planning, Centers and Concerted Education to José María Ayerbe Toledano; general director of Organization, Inclusion, Participation and Educational Evaluation to Almudena García Rosado; and General Director of Advanced Technologies and Educational Transformation to Antonio Segura Marrero.

In the Employment, Business and Self-Employment Counseling Adolfina Martínez Guirado has been appointed Secretary General for Business and Self-Employment; General Director of Incentives for Employment and Business Competitiveness to Aurora Lazo Barral; and Commissioner of the Master Plan for the Regulation of Employment Policies and Labor Relations in Andalusia to Rubén García Bravo.

In the Ministry of Health and Consumption Isaac Túnis Fiñana has been appointed Secretary General of Public Health and R&D&I in Health; José Agustín González Romo as General Director of Consumption; and general director of Humanization, Planning, Coordination and Care of the Andalusian Health Service to Inmaculada Vázquez Cruz.

In the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development Consolación Vera Sánchez has been appointed Secretary General of Agriculture, Livestock and Food; General Secretary of Water to Ramiro Angulo Sánchez; General Secretary of Agrarian Funds and Rural Development to Manuel Alías Cantón; and General Director of Water Resources Susana Benavides Vedia.

In the Ministry of University, Research and Innovation Ramón Herrera de las Heras has been appointed Secretary General of Universities; General Secretary of Research and Innovation to Pablo Cortés Achedad; General Technical Secretary to María José López López; general director of University Coordination to Lorenzo Salas Morera; and general director of the Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Continuous Training to Pilar Marín Mateos.

In the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports Yolanda de Aguilar Rosell has been appointed Secretary General for Tourism; General Secretary for Culture to Salomón Castiel Abecaris; General Secretary for Sports to José María Arrabal Sedano; General Director of Quality, Innovation and Promotion of Tourism: María Rueda Fernández; General Director of Documentary and Bibliographic Heritage, Juan Cristóbal Jurado Vela; General Director of Museums and Cultural Ensembles to Aurora Villalobos Gómez; General Director of Historical Heritage and Innovation and Cultural Promotion at Mar Sánchez Estrella; General Director of Sports Systems and Values ​​to María de Nova Pozuelo; and General Director of Sports Events and Institutions to Isabel Sánchez Fernández.

In the Ministry of Development, Articulation of the Territory and Housing General Director of Road Infrastructures has been appointed Enrique Manuel Catalina; General Director of Mobility and Transport to Felipe Arias Palma; Director General of Transport Infrastructure Eduardo D. Gutiérrez García; General Director of Spatial Planning, Urbanism and Urban Agenda to José Andrés Moreno Gaviño; and General Director of Housing and Urban Regeneration to Eloísa María Cabrera Carmona.

In the Ministry of Social Inclusion, Youth, Families and Equality Ana Carmen Mata Rico has been appointed Secretary General for Families, Equality, Gender Violence and Diversity; General Secretary of Social Inclusion to Ana Vanessa García Jiménez; general technical secretary to Concepción Cardesa Cabrera; and General Director of Children, Adolescents and Youth to Francisco José Mora Cobo.

In the Ministry of Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy Secretary General of Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy has been appointed to María del Mar Plaza Yélamos; General Director of Protected Natural Areas to José Enrique Borrallo Romero; General Director of Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change to María López Sanchís; and General Director of Forest Policy and Biodiversity to Giuseppe Carlo Aloisio.

In the Ministry of Industrial Policy and Energy Manuel Larrasa Rodríguez has been appointed Secretary General for Energy.

In the Ministry of Justice, Local Administration and Public Function Luis Manuel García Navarro has been appointed Secretary General of Judicial Infrastructures, Digital Modernization and Regeneration; General Secretary of Judicial Services to Rosalía de los Ángeles Espinosa López; General Secretary of Local Administration to María Luisa Ceballos Casas; General Secretary for Public Administration to Arturo Domínguez Fernández; Technical General Secretary to Antonio Morilla Frías; General Director of Planning, Modernization and Fund to María Eugenia Romero Rodríguez; General Director of Juvenile Justice and Cooperation to Francisco Ontiveros Rodríguez; General Director of Human Resources and Public Administration to Natalia Silvia Márquez García; General Director of the Instrumental Public Sector to Carlos Mariné Pla and Director of the Andalusian Institute of Public Administration to José Loaiza García.