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a neighbor of william morris fights tonight

“The fight (this Friday) comes to me at a great time. I come from a fight in March, against a rival who demanded me and brought out the best in me. I’m already 30 years old, I can’t let time go by anymore. It is a fight that will serve to know where we stand”Suárez expressed in dialogue with TyC Sports.

It is worth mentioning that Suárez’s last two fights were incredible. Continuing with the trust that OR Promotions places in the WBO Latin Heavyweight Champion, the boxer was summoned for two evenings that took place in the impressive Luna Park stadium, the cradle of Argentine boxing.


The past of the neighbor of Hurlingham

When he was a child, Braian Suárez wanted to be a soccer player, his longing led him to play in different neighborhood clubs, waiting for the big jump to the professional leagues. When he finished his career in baby soccer, he entered the children’s divisions of Club Atlético Vélez Sarfield, but his time there did not last long.

In the “juvenile stage” he went to Club Almagro, where his dreams of being a professional soccer player grew even more, his physical bearing helped him take advantage of his teammates and rivals. In parallel, the neighbor of William Morris, then 17 years old, decided to attend a recreational boxing class with his father, not knowing that this would mark his future forever.

Although he spent a long time in Almagro, the club decided not to have Braian next year, so the boxer’s dream collapsed and his future took another course. The transition from soccer to the sport of fists was a matter of months, today after a long career and despite the setback of the clock it became one of the bets of OR Promotionsone of the most popular promoters in the country, which tonight takes him to fight for another title.

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