A new provincial boxing selection is coming

August 19, 2022 – 15:33
It will take place on August 26 and 27 and will qualify for the next stage of the Argentine championship.

An unmissable opportunity. On August 26 and 27, the will be held in our city to define the boxers who will be able to qualify for the next stage of the Argentine Championship for seasoned older men, which includes between 19 and 40 years of age.
The event will take place in the “La Cobra” gym, a few meters from Junín street, between Rivadavia and Leguizamón and will be organized by the Salteña Boxing Association, in collaboration with the Municipal Boxing Commission and the Provincial Sports Secretariat.

It should be noted that this selective will allow one winner from each category to qualify for the Noa Regional, which will take place on September 2 and 3 in Santiago del Estero, from where those classified for the final stage or national phase will also be held. between September 19 to 25 in San Rafael, Mendoza.
Registrations can be made free of charge by sending an email to asalbox.fab.21@gmail.com or by calling 3875457456. They will close on Wednesday the 24th.
For this event, all participants must have a valid license or presentation of the 4 recent studies, such as electroencephalogram, electrocardiogram, chest X-ray and blood tests, as determined by the FAB.
Last Friday, during the senior women’s regional held in Tucumán, boxers Erika Aramayo in the featherweight category and Angela Ralas in the welterweight category qualified for the national event to be held in San Juan from August 22 to 28.