A new UEFA C football coach course takes over from those that end in September with practical face-to-face exams

The UEFA C football coach federation courses maintain their training rhythm a

The UEFA C football coach federation courses maintain their training rhythm and overlap beginnings with closures. Thus, yesterday, Monday, September 5, the beginning of a new course coincided with an official telematic opening and 75 people making up the students with the first day of face-to-face exams in Cotorruelo of the course that began on June 30 with 170 male and female students. In the next few days, the course that started on July 30 will also hold its final exams. The School of Coaches of the Royal Football Federation of Madrid decided not to evaluate in August so as not to interfere with possible vacation dates for the students.

In this way, the UEFA C federative football coach course on June 30 carries out the face-to-face practical exams in the first week of September in three shifts, between Monday and Wednesday, at the Ernesto Cotorruelo federative facilities. In the first round on Monday, the evaluating faculty was made up of the Secretary of the School, Roberto Rodríguez Basulto ‘Rodri’, together with Juanjo Carretero, Miguel Ángel Pozanco and Alejandro Sageras.

With the students divided into groups by each of the teachers, the presentation of a practical exercise takes place that collects what has been learned in 58 hours of online training and tutorials. (SEE VIDEO TUTORIALS). Both teachers and the students themselves evaluate the exercises proposed in the exams and allow them to enjoy a face-to-face training session of great value, as pointed out by the director of the School of Trainers, Miguel Ángel Serrano Niño, before starting the day evaluator.

Serrano Niño, who accompanied the students and teachers during the exams to give some advice, also advanced that the RFFM is going to launch face-to-face master classes this season in Cotorruelo with the School’s teaching staff so that the students of the courses can complement their field training and practical sessions. Classes will be free and are scheduled to start this month of September.

Likewise, and as a complement to the 58 hours of online training with daily tutorials, the students have to pass six months of internships in a club team, again counting on the permanent supervision of the teaching staff of the Royal Football Federation’s School of Trainers. Madrid.

The UEFA C course day on Monday, September 5 continued, after the afternoon exams in Cotorruelo, with the official telematic opening in which the president of the RFFM, Paco Díez, participated together with Serrano Niño to welcome students, thank them for their commitment to training with the Madrid Federation and extol the training quality of the School and its faculty, with some of its teachers also present at the opening.

The training offer with the UEFA C football coach federation courses continues for the month of October and registration is open:

    Blended. 6 month internship
    (Minimum qualification required in the 2022-2023 season up to the Cadet category)

    Course 58 hours online with daily tutorials and 2 hours of face-to-face practical exam in our facilities in Cotorruelo

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: From September 1 to 26, 2022
DEVELOPMENT OF THE COURSE: From October 3 to November 4, 2022

The price of the UEFA C course is €300

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