A Russian boxer kills a bear that killed his friend and ends up in a coma

From a movie it had to be the scene that happened on the shore of a Irtysh River on Siberia. A professional boxer killed a bear with different shots and knives, after the animal will kill his friend in an attack when they were fishing.

“I heard screaming. They shouted: ‘A bear!’ “Said the only witness, Denis Chebotar, in the middle East 2 West. The man responded to the cry of alarm he heard and, upon arrival, met the boxer Ilya Medvedev, 23, finishing off a bear with knives, after having hit him four shots. Next to him was the body of the young athlete’s friend, Vyacheslav ‘Slava’ Dudnik, 48 years old.

According to police reports, the boxer was fishing with his friend when they received the animal attack, which could end Dudnik’s life. After being shot by Medvedev, the bear was able to remove boxer’s gun, which finally chose to stab him to death, always according to the East 2 West News.

Induced coma

After the echos, Chebotar dragged the boxer “barely alive” and was able to transfer it to hospital. The latest information indicates that it is in intensive care with lacerations to the head and body, according to reports from the district of Uvatsky, in the region of Tyumen.

According to Telegram’s Shot channel, coma was induced to save his life. Medvedev is still fighting for his life, but it seems that for the moment not in danger.