A true story that football improved, by Josep Maria Minguella

Friends, the thing about the island of Palma and the volcano already seems like history. Sad but history. The pandemic is still on top and despite the fact that from here I have asked you for caution, in the end I have gone through this hard experience. The best thing is that I am already home, strong and leading a normal life. With control, but a lot of optimism. It is a message of tranquility and that it comes out of it. Therefore, be very careful, but do not lose heart in battle. I have been fortunate to pass through the hands of a medical group headed by an expert and unique character, of whom I am going to explain some details.

They isolated me in a large room in which there was only a window with trees, pines and palm trees behind. The rest, white walls, clean and speechless. No one could enter this room except authorized personnel. A very serious doctor appeared who looked at numbers, controlled the constants and gave me the treatment that he decided on. He said to me: “They ask me about you.” From there, he began to ask me very different questions. I think the first was: “Who has been the best scorer in Spanish history?” “Quini. And Raúl, also, great scorer ”, he replied. He kept pointing. He would be back in an hour. “Did you meet Pelé?” I saw him play in the World Cup in Mexico but my best feeling was when he and Cruyff met in a Carranza tournament in Cádiz. Suddenly he turns around and says: “Did you meet Falcao?” He kept questioning me. “Man, I took him from Porto Alegre to Rome and he became champion for the first time in his history of a European Cup. Great player”. He continued with his notes, improving my condition. The next day he asked me. “Do you only work for Barça?” “No, it represented players from many parts.” “And now, what about football?” He insisted. And I argued: “Soccer has evolved, multinationals and large capitals have entered and control has been lost. The games are only moments of public representation of a series of economic movements, far beyond the football potential. It will be difficult to channel all this because the great fortunes have money left over and football has a special hook ”. This is the real and positive story that ends when I ask the doctor for his name: “Mario Pérez,” he tells me. “He was a Brazilian international who played for Barça, coming from the 74th World Cup. Doctor, he has saved me but I have informed him of his background that he was a brilliant player.” And he laughed. Thanks a lot.

That they act responsibly and without madness

From a distance, I can see that the technical services of FC Barcelona are working on all sides to fit a certain better technique necessary and essential to fit the second half of the championship. They are also doing it with an economic situation that is difficult to manage. I think that the economic criteria will govern over the technical ones. We are living in a difficult situation and we must help to try to get out as well as possible. Now, it is time to ask the Barça leaders to act calmly and without madness. The crazy things in the end always pay off.