AB Fitness creates its own non-contact boxing brand: Boxxint

The Galician chain of low cost gyms AB Fitness will introduce in its centers boutique spaces for non-cont

AB Fitness creates its own non-contact boxing brand: Boxxint


The Galician chain of low cost gyms AB Fitness will introduce in its centers boutique spaces for non-contact boxing training that will be developed under a new brand-name of its own, Boxxint

(11-12-2021) The Galician chain of low cost gyms, AB Fitness, will launch next January Boxxint, a brand-label of new creation that it will incorporate in its centers and that will be based on non-contact boxing training.

AB Fitness joins the rise of non-contact boxing training. The Galician chain of gyms will debut in 2022, incorporating in some of its sports centers a new proprietary training methodology which they will call Boxxint. CMDsport has already advanced the last september the intention of the brand to prepare a new brand-label based on this sporting modality.

“We see that non-contact boxing is booming, it is one of the trends the market is heading for. This concept will have a boutique approach, but we want to expand it and include functional and personal training in addition to boxing, explains the CEO of AB Fitness, José Antonio Durán. “It is a physical activity that helps to release stress, a very attractive mix for gyms,” he adds.

Starting next January, this new brand-label will be present in corners or spaces where exclusivity can be dedicated to it in some of the seven centers managed by the chain. They would probably start by introducing Boxxint in Oviedo, Pedrón, Ourense or Lugo.

There the performance of this new brand will be tested. If it obtains positive results, the chain could dedicate an exclusive study to it in Lugo, which it will carry out as a pilot test. The brand is not in a hurry to do so and indicates September 2022 as the most appropriate date, today, to take this next step. If it worked well, it would lead to an expansion of this concept.


Before implementing this new brand in its centers, AB Fitness is developing its own non-contact boxing training methodology with the help of the technical direction of the Galician Boxing Federation (FeGBoxeo), which will be in charge of the training part by being expert in the field.

In addition to the training that the monitors and coaches of their centers will receive, there will also be training sessions for the clients of the centers so that they learn more about this sport, as well as the correct hitting techniques, movements and different levels.


The AB Fitness centers continue to attract subscribers this November, since in some of the locations where they are located they usually celebrate municipal festivals between September and October and that delays the acquisition of new registrations.

They admit that they currently register approximately 70% of the subscribers they had before the pandemic. “We still lack an age group, those over 50, who are having a hard time going back to the gym,” he adds.

The chain has already left behind practically all the ERTES it had to apply during the pandemic and is rehiring staff. The reductions in rental prices and suppliers, they say, have been essential to be profitable despite having subscriber figures that are still far from those they had at the beginning of 2020.