After 20 years, boxing returns to Rada Tilly – ADNSUR

(By Pasta de Campeón / ADNSUR) This afternoon "El Regreso", a historic boxing festival for the seaside resort after 20 years without activity, was

(By Pasta de Campeón / ADNSUR) This afternoon “El Regreso”, a historic boxing festival for the seaside resort after 20 years without activity, was presented by Lagobox. It will be held this Saturday at the SUM of the gym of the school 718.

In dialogue with PdC, Carlos Lagos commented that “20 years ago an event was not held at , the last one was with Soledad Matthysse fighting in the background as an amateur. Now the same situation occurs but with her niece Nerina”.

In this sense, the billboard will have as its stellar combat the fight between the local Oriana Figueredo trained by César Irala, against the aforementioned Nerina Matthysse, pupil of the great Cuban coach Ivan Díaz. In the middle ground, there will be Ariel Huenullanca from the municipal gym number 2, a boxer from Lago Box, with Carlos Aylan from the northern area of ​​Comodoro, from Próspero Palazzo, trained by Vanesa Moreno.

This weekend they will cut the power in more than 20 neighborhoods of Comodoro and Rada Tilly

The promoter assured that the commitment to the seaside resort is because “I am from here, born and raised. For years I have been trying to create an event here, it is the sport that I love and I want everyone to see, it never happened because there was no municipal school here. But now César Irala is here with his Invictia gym, and he is a historic boxer. He has two pupils and it was more accessible to approach the project”.

Tickets are available in advance at the Invictia gym and will cost $1,000.


amateur background
-Oriana Figueredo (Rada Tilly) vs. Nerina Mattysse (Trelew).


-Roque Huenullanca (Lago Box) vs. Carlos Aylan (Palazzo Boxing School).
-Camila Victorino (Rada Tilly) vs. Karen Almond (Trelew).
-Aylén Aguirre (Palazzo Boxing School) vs. Milagros Gonzalez (Esquel).
-Manuel Quevedo (Palazzo Boxing School) vs. Ezequiel Vargas (Caleta Olivia).
-Antonio “Antony” Guzmán (Achaval Competition) vs. Ezequiel Creton (Esquel).
-Lucas Silva (Palazzo Boxing School) vs. Angel Correa (Team Alvarado).