Afutpa, concerned about heart attacks and sudden deaths in football

The Association of Professional Soccer Players of Panama (AFUTPA) expressed his concern about the issue of sudden deaths and other events related

The Association of Professional Soccer Players of Panama (AFUTPA) expressed his concern about the issue of and other events related to the health of footballers, which have shocked football worldwide, and therefore requested precompetitive medical evaluations for each player before starting the Apertura 2022 tournaments of the LPF (First Division), the LFF (women’s league) and the Prom. League (Second Division).

The soccer union indicated that it believes it convenient to carry out electrocardiograms and ultrasounds to rule out or diagnose pathologies among soccer players that require timely treatment.

“Thinking about the health of the soccer players, we request that it be mandatory for expert doctors who specialize in sports medicine to carry out pre-competitive evaluations; this in order to detect current anomalies and avoid future human losses “, indicated the union chaired by Juan Ramón Solís, in a letter addressed to Mario Corró, president of the (LPF).

AFUTPA indicated that, if they so require, it offers interested clubs the collective discount plans offered by its business partners dedicated to health care for this type of evaluation.

The 2022 Closing of the LPF is scheduled to start on January 21.

Last November, the sudden death of the 27-year-old Panamanian attacker, Adonis Villanueva, a member of the Club Deportivo del Este, was recorded after suffering a stroke.

Dr. Luis Hernández, the team’s physician, assured at the time that there was nothing in Villanueva’s medical history that could lead to suspect that his life was in danger.

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In the international arena, heart attacks and heart problems, which have recently forced famous players like the Argentine Sergio “Kun” Agüero or danish Christian eriksen, among others, to withdraw from the fields, have raised the alarms. The situation has generated a whole series of theories that range from blaming the coronavirus to vaccines for heart attacks (brain and heart) suffered by footballers in the midst of the pandemic.

Although in the case of “Kun” Agüero, the same FC Barcelona doctors have denied that the Argentine’s heart problems are related to the covid-19 vaccine.

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