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Agenda and authorities for the 14

The Professional Soccer League of the AFA announces the programming and the referees for the date 14 of the Binance Cup 2022. The authorities for the VAR and the AVAR will meet soon

Friday May 6

18.30 San Lorenzo–Racing (Zone A)
Referee: Fernando Espinoza
Assistant referee 1: Maximiliano Del Yesso
Assistant referee 2: Juan Manuel Vázquez
Fourth referee: Mauro Biasutto

21.30 Central Barracks – Godoy Cruz (Zone B)
Referee: Yael Falcon Perez
Assistant referee 1: Sebastian Raineri
Assistant referee 2: Juan Manuel González
Fourth referee: Cristian Cernadas

Saturday May 7

16.30 Aldosivi-Arsenal (Zone B)
Referee: Dario Herrera
Assistant referee 1: Cristian Navarro
Assistant referee 2: Eduardo Lucero
Fourth referee: Bruno Bocca

16.30 IIndependent – ​​Hurricane (Zone B)
Referee: Facundo Tello
Assistant Referee 1: Gabriel Chade
Assistant referee 2: Maxi Castelli
Fourth referee: Sebastián Zunino

16.30 Tiger – Mouth (Zone B)
Referee: Pablo Echavarria
Assistant referee 1: Julio Fernández
Assistant referee 2: Pablo Gualtieri
Fourth referee: Fabricio Llobet

19.00 Rosario Central – Students (Zone B)
Referee: Pablo Gimenez
Assistant referee 1: Lucas Germanotta
Assistant referee 2: Lucas Pardo
Fourth referee: Americo Monsalvo

Sunday May 8

16.00 Workshops – Sarmiento (Zone A)
Referee: Fernando Echenique
Assistant Referee 1: Ariel Scime
Assistant referee 2: Pablo Acevedo
Fourth referee: Federico Guymas

16.00 Argentines – Union (Zone A)
Referee: Hernán Mastrangelo
Assistant referee 1: José Savorani
Assistant referee 2: Gerardo Carretero
Fourth referee: Julio Barraza

16.00 Defense and Justice – Board of Trustees (Zone A)
Referee: Nestor Pitana
Assistant referee 1: Facundo Rodríguez
Assistant referee 2: Hugo Páez
Fourth referee: Kevin Alegre

16.00 Gymnastics – Newell’s (Zone A)
Referee: Andres Merlos
Assistant referee 1: Ezequiel Brailovsky
Assistant referee 2: Iván Nuñez
Fourth referee: Franco Morón

21.00 River – Platense (Zone A)
Referee: Patricio Loustau
Assistant referee 1: Pablo González
Assistant referee 2: Mariana de Almeida
Fourth referee: Leandro Rey Hilfer

Monday May 9

19.00 Central Córdoba – Lanus (Zone B)
Referee: Silvio Truco
Assistant referee 1: Javier Uziga
Assistant referee 2: José Castelli
Fourth referee: Gustavo Benítez

19.00 Colon – Velez (Zone B)
Referee: Luis Lobo Medina
Assistant referee 1: Damián Espinoza
Assistant referee 2: Matías Bianchi
Fourth referee: Guillermo González

21.30 Banfield – Atletico Tucuman (Zone A)
Referee: Nicolas Lamolina
Assistant referee 1: Diego Martin
Assistant referee 2: Gonzalo Ferrari
Fourth referee: Gastón Suárez

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