Albert Pujols Before Baseball Tried Boxing Albert Pujols Before Baseball Tried Boxing

The Major League Baseball star says he received a knockout in the first "shadow" he did in boxing and that is why he decided to enroll

The Major League Baseball star says he received a knockout in the first “shadow” he did in boxing and that is why he decided to enroll in a baseball league

His started in baseball was for a league of the Fasaco club

Although he confesses that baseball was in his blood, Albert Pujols first tried to get into boxing.

However, his time in the sport of gloved fists was very short-lived, as he received a knockout in his first outing and this led him to make changes in his “sporting aspirations”.

“My only interest was to play sports and from very early on what you want is to put on gloves with children of the same age and that is why I thought about boxing,” said the Major League Baseball star during an interview with the journalist. Frank Camilo for his show Mr. Deportes, which airs on CDN Sports. Pujols reveals that the experience was not very pleasant with boxing. “I was knocked out the first time I put the gloves on.”

, the future immortal of Cooperstown, thanks the little boy who gave him the knockout, because that action led him to baseball practice, where he has developed a dream career. “I would even like to meet that boy to thank him for that KO,” he says.

Club Fasaco
Recalling his beginnings in baseball practice, Pujols states that he began with a league that operated at the Fasaco club, which by then was “the Quezada Cruz League.”

“My father was part of the Los Cerros de Buena Vista Softball League and at the age of 5 or 6 he took me to the Fasaco club, because different sports were practiced there and after my disappointment with my first choice, which was boxing, I He enrolled in the baseball league that worked there, ”he said.

“Choosing baseball was easy, because that was in his blood, since my grandfather, who was passionate about this sport,” he says.

He remembers that in the Cerros League, of which his father was a part, and in Fasaco (Quezada Cruz League) it was where he began practicing baseball.

He states that he was born in Cristo Rey, but lived in different places in the capital, such as Sabana Perdida, Santa Cruz, Duarte and Los Trinitarios.

“In the Los Trinitarios League it was where I reached the greatest development, the Academia de Pintacora de los Santos (representative in the country of the Seattle Mariners) worked there,” he said.

During his more than 20 years in the Major Leagues, Pujols has accumulated numbers that make him a sure member of the American Baseball Hall of Fame. He played for St. Louis, the Anaheim Angels, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Very disciplined
Bolivar Quezada talks about Pujols

Fasaco Baseball League
Bolivar Quezada was the president of the Quezada Cruz League, which worked at the Fasaco club, where Major League Baseball star Albert Pujols began practicing baseball.

“His interest at first was boxing, but I told him that baseball was better for him,” Quezada recalls. “It was in my league where he started his successful career,” he said.