Alex Morgan, a benchmark in world football, will play on royal soil.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 AAlexandra Patricia Morgan will have a new presentation in Mexico, after 12 years of his last time,

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

AAlexandra Patricia Morgan will have a new presentation in Mexico, after 12 years of his last time, seeking to reverse the defeat. One of the most outstanding soccer players of the number one women’s team in the world will arrive in royal lands to seek classification for a new world Cupwhere he has already tasted the honeys of success.

The co-captain of the team together with megan rapinoe He has always been in the upper echelons of world football. Since he was studying at the University of California, Morgan already built a reputation as a relentless scorer in her team, the Golden Bears.

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With them, the forward registered 45 goals in 67 matches played (0.67 goals per game) and established himself on and off the field: he graduated with a degree in Political Economy.

The footballer won the League of his country and later, try his luck in the Old continent. With olympique de lyon, achieved the triplet. After his time with the French, he returned to his homeland to embark on his last European adventure with Tottenham Hotspur.

Currently, he is the star of San Diego Wavewhere he adds eleven goals in ten games and experiences one of the best goalscoring moments of his career.

His success is not limited to club level, because with the North American team, Morgan won the two most important titles that can be obtained in football with your country: Olympic Games and world (on two occasions).

It was precisely after the conquest of the world Cup of 2015 when Morgan spearheaded one of the most significant changes for American female soccer players, leading alongside Rapinoe, carly lloyd, Becky Sauerbrunn and Hope Alone a claim before the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission due to wage discrimination.

Although a judge dismissed the lawsuit in 2020 for not presenting the necessary bases, the players’ efforts finally paid off in 2022, when the Federation reached an agreement with them for $24 million dollarsof which 22 will be destined for them and the rest, will be given as help for them when they retire from professional sports and other events in favor of gender equality in soccer.

Now, after an eight-month absence, the superstar will once again wear his country’s shirt with the task of qualifying for a new World Cup tournament, the one that will take place in Australia and New Zealand next year. Before thinking about a new World Cup, the royal public will be able to enjoy it from June 4 to 18 at the .

‘God Save The Queen’, prays the emblematic song of the United Kingdom. The royals ask to see the queen of the best team in the world.

Fotografía: Mexsport