Alexis Arguello lost his life due to a shot in the chest

Managua Nicaragua.- Alexis Argello is ranked as one of the best boxers the country has ever seen Nicaragua throughout the 70's and 80's, a period

Managua .- Alexis Argello is ranked as one of the best boxers the country has ever seen Nicaragua throughout the 70’s and 80’s, a period in which he was awarded as a three-time world champion in three different divisions in the professional .

After jumping to professionalism in 1968, the boxer was considered “The Knight of the Ring”, “The explosive Skinny” and the “People’s Champion”. Upon hearing any of these three nicknames, the inhabitants knew that the topic to refer to would be Alexis Argüello, who in his good days managed to play 90 total fights.

Among his dividends the native of Managua He was victorious in 82 fights, 65 of them via knockout. He only knew defeat in 8 confrontations and throughout that record he got the titles Pluma (1974-1977), Superpluma (1978-1980) and Liviano (1981-1983).

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His height of 1.78 stood out in the boxing world for his Alexis Argüello category. However, his direct shot at his opponent, with very precise speed and direction, caused his opponents to lose their balance until they fell on the mat. His time spanned from 1974 to 1983.

After hanging up his boxing gloves, “El Caballero del Ring” turned to politics. In 2008 he was mayor of Managua, representing the Sandinista National Liberation Front, an aspect that was poorly approved after denouncing those elections as “fraudulent” by the opposition.

However, in 2009, at 57 years of age, in unclear circumstances, Alexis Argüello was found dead in his home. The Nicaraguan Police confirmed the death of the mayor and former three-time world champion. According to several sources, it was due to a suicide after being shot in the chest.

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As a bonus Alexis Argüello is the only World Champion who never lost the power of any of his titles achieved, a feat on the part of the Nicaraguan. Your name will remain within the Hall of Fame Nicaraguan Sports, in which he entered on August 2, 1994.

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