Alonso and Ocon are already working on the simulator

Published: Monday, December 20, 2021 16:

The Formula 1 teams have just taken a few days off and are already working hard on the final configuration of their car for the 2022 season, which will begin in March.

Alpine started work on the simulator today, as Esteban Ocon told ‘Soymotor’ a few days ago: “We started the intensive work with the simulator on December 20 before Christmas.”

“That’s when the model will be ready in the simulator and that’s when we’re really going to start pushing hard, that’s when we’re going to get information about the new tire we’re going to ride in Abu Dhabi and from there it’s going to be a very winter. Busy, that’s for sure, it will be much busier than any other winter we’ve probably had, “explained the Frenchman.

Both he and Fernando Alonso have already taken the first ‘samples’ of that car that wants to put the French team back on the highest part of the grid as they did already in 2020 (Renault finished third in the world of constructors).

The famous ‘Plan’ is more underway than ever. And it is that the winter work will be essential to see where they are next spring. And Alpine wants to reengage in the midfield fight with Ferrari and McLaren.