Altintop, present at the shooting of the Turkish Football Federation

Published: Friday, 02 September, 2022 1

Terrible and tense moments were experienced this Thursday in the presidential building of the headquarters of the Turkish Football Federation, located in a neighborhood of Istanbul.

While the Board of Directors was in a meeting Thursday, some individuals attacked the building and shot up to seven times at it.

Among those present was former Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Galatasaray player Hamit Altıntop, who is currently a member of the Board.

A bullet passed near the former Turkish player, but fortunately the attack ended without injuries.

“Friends on the board of directors thought I was hurt. God protected us. I hope they find the criminals,” Altintop explained.

In parallel, the Turkish Federation has issued a statement recounting what happened: “Several unidentified persons carried out an armed attack on our administration building in our camp and training facilities of the Riva Hasan Doğan national teams.”

“Our security forces managed to catch the perpetrators of the attack in a very short time with the operation they started. We have no doubt that the Turkish justice will give those responsible for the incident the punishment they deserve,” the text adds.