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Amateur boxing Friday at Municipal Gym No. 1 of Trelew

The festival will take place from 9:00 p.m., at the Trelew Sports Palace, in an evening that will include seven fights and will include duels between protagonists from our city against opponents from the towns of Dolavon and Rawson. There will be a buffet service and the cost of tickets has been set at 500 pesos.

“It is very important that festivals are scheduled in a row because there are many kids in the . And thanks to the events they can show themselves and try what they have been practicing. The important thing is that the boys continue to grow in this beautiful sport, for when they arrive one day to other scenarios, “said Diego Sañanco.

“This festival is framed in the program of the second semester of the Boxing Department of the Municipality of Trelew, following the modality of providing space to schools. The first semester was very good with a magnificent closing with the presentation of Matías Montesino”, highlighted Laly Barrionuevo, head of the Boxing Department of the Municipal Sports Coordination.

“This time, on the 22nd, the program for the second part of the year begins with a festival by Diego Sañanco’s INTA Guerreros School. They will all be amateur fights with invited people from Dolavon, from Rawson, among other locations, ”he added.

It is also important to note that the next evening is scheduled for the coming August 12, organized by the Municipal School of the Corradi neighborhood.


Dylan “El Distinto” Navarro vs. Ezekiel Monsalve

Matu Renzi vs. jonathan alvarado
Mauricio “Nacho” Cabezas vs. Brian “The Bad” Mansilla
Lucas Gallardo vs. Leonel Banzen
Malena Llancafil vs. Rocio Mardones
Matías “Chingolito” Cantrañecul vs. Michel “Tete” Huenchual
Cristian Cayecul vs. Emmanuel Toso

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