Amateur boxing returns to Azul Athletic Club

This Saturday, Azul will live an evening of amateur boxing ag

This Saturday, Azul will live an evening of amateur boxing again, after a long time without encounters of these characteristics. It will be the fifth festival of this sport, which will once again be organized by the Azul Athletic Club Boxing Academy.

Also, this evening will feature 12 fights in different categories, where in ten of these fights there will be local athletes facing rivals who will come from other cities such as Necochea, Olavarría, Chascomús, Mar del Tuyu, Benito Juárez and Bahía Blanca.

In this way, after a while, boxing will once again be present at the “Canalla” headquarters, a historic stronghold of amateur boxing in the city and where, through the Academy, they continue to bet on the development of the sport of fists in the local area.

The doors will open at 8:00 p.m., with canteen service and in this way the project continues to give continuity to the Azuleños boxers.

It should be remembered that among the central combats of the evening, three Azuleños will be the protagonists, who will fight for the Regional belt of the “Ciudad de Azul”. It is Jordán “La Torre” Bisutti facing Kevin Nicolás Acevedo from the Pedro Arguello Box gym in Benito Juárez, Jano “El Tren” Fiorenza against Miqueas Vallejo from the “Team Gitano” in Mar del Tuyu and also Emiliano “El Colo” Sosa will face Diego Ferreira from “Team Gitano” from Mar del Tuyú. This last local representative exposes for the third time this title that was obtained in the evening that took place on March 22 of this year.

fight schedule

1- Benjamin “Shotgun” Rigo (Blue) vs. Genaro Bulant (Olavarria)

2- Ariel Orue (Blue) vs. Nicholas “Pitbull” Antonio (Necochea)

3- Gabriel “Meerkat” Abadie (debut – Blue) vs. Sabino “Zorrito” Martinez (debut – Chascomus)

4- Maximiliano “Flecha” Villar (Blue) vs. Ariel Leonardo Diaz (Mar del Tuyú)

5- Joel Ganim (debut – Blue) vs. Luciano Lopez (Mar del Tuyu)

6- Emanuel Farías Monzón (Bahía Blanca) vs. Franco Cejas (Olavarria)

7- Santiago “Pantera” Giammatolo (Blue) vs. Jeremías Daniel Guzmán (Mar del Tuyú)

8- Franco Tevez (Debut – Olavarría) vs. Iago Adauto (Debut – Mar del Tuyú)

9- Jordan “The Tower” Bisutti (Blue) vs. Kevin Nicolas Acevedo (Benito Juarez)

10- Jesus “El Ringo Azuleño” Cosentino (Blue) vs. Alan “The Wrecker” Ojeda (Bahia Blanca)

11- Janus “The Train” Fiorenza (Blue) vs. Miqueas Vallejo (Sea of ​​Tuyú)

12- Emiliano “El Colo” Sosa (Blue) vs. Diego Ferreira (Sea of ​​Tuyú)