America vs Manchester City: Mexican football in Rodri’s eyes: America is the most important, the selection for Qatar, Vela, Jimnez…

ANDhe Manchester City will face America Wednesday in Houston. Exclusively for BRAND Claro, rodry I admitted that in Europe not much is known about

ANDhe Manchester City will face America Wednesday in Houston. Exclusively for BRAND Claro, rodry I admitted that in Europe not much is known about the leagues outside the old continent, including the Mexican one.

“In Europe the rest of the leagues are a bit distant, especially from South America, but I have shared a dressing room with some players who are in Club America. I try to compete against teams from other leagues, which are sure to be different and They are going to help us push ourselves to arrive in good condition for the first official match of the season“.

Although there is a certain lack of knowledge in general, America is a team that is known in Europe. “Everyone knows the club and we know which teams are the most important in each country. In the end it is preseason, each club has some objectives; ours is to prepare ourselves in the best way, demand ourselves and try to give our best version and win, compete and that the team begins to grease”.

Before arriving at Manchester City in the summer of 2019, he went through Atlético de Madrid and Villarreal, competing in the Spanish League with one of the best Aztec players, Carlos Vela. “I have played against him who was at Real and I at Villarreal. For me, He was a different player, one of those that before starting a match you always have to be aware of. I remember scoring goals, a lefty who gets inside, very skilled. Of those players that you always have to be aware of because they are unbalanced, they can make a difference.

Now in the Premier, he has played multiple duels against Ral Jimenezwho also has a mattress past and with whom he came to have a clash that ended in the Mexican saw the red for the first time as a Wolves player.

Ral Jimnez was expelled for the first time… because of Rodri’s ‘fault’

I think he is a great player, a great striker. He had that spectacular injury that separated him I don’t know if for a year from the fields, but he is a player who also played for Atlético de Madrid. Great player for me, great striker. Right now a pioneer of Mexican football, a benchmark in Europe.”

Finally, Rodri sees the Mexican team in a different way from what a majority of the same Mexican fans do, who he considers to be a rival to consider for Qatar and that one must not lose his temper with Gerardo Martino.

“We’re talking about a World Cup, about the best teams in the world. It’s not going to be easy for anyone, not even the favourites. In all the World Cups that I remember, Mexico has always been there. You are talking about a very complicated competition for everyone, it will not be easy for anyone. The career of each one in the World Cups depends on the state in which they arrive, on how they are. Everything that is said before will be of no use. We will see when the national teams arrive at that time to see how they are.”