An F1 champion believes that Alonso’s arrival at Aston Martin will generate tension: “I don’t see it working…”

Published: Wednesday, 24 August, 2022 1

The signing of Fernando Alonso by Aston Martin continues to generate debate in Formula 1. Have you made a good decision? Should you have accepted Alpine’s conditions to renew your contract? Damon Hill, champion of the competition, has given his opinion of him … and thinks that he could go wrong.

In statements to ‘F1 Nation’, he assured that there will be tension in the team due to the character of Alonso and that of Lawrence Stroll, team leader and father of Lance Stroll, the team’s other driver.

“The type of person that Fernando Alonso is and the type of person that Lawrence Stroll is, I just can’t see it working,” says Hill.

What is the reason for your signing?: “Fernando is going to have to retire at some point, so it will possibly be the last team he will be in. You do not want to be with a team that is suffering and causing frustration, so either He has convinced himself that there will be a huge change … it can’t be the money. I don’t think he’s doing it just for the money.”

The former driver, on the other hand, affirms that Alpine has made a serious mistake in letting the two-time champion go: “He was a very important asset for Alpine. Alpine wants to be a serious team and they had a serious player in Fernando. You can have Esteban Ocon already other drivers, but Fernando has that charisma and that reputation.

And he makes it clear that Alonso will not be a problem for Alpine at the end of the season: “He is totally professional. He goes there, puts the team on what they need to focus on and directs, I think, even from the cockpit.”

“They were totally surprised that he went elsewhere,” Hill says of Alonso’s decision, which caught F1 by surprise. At 41 years old, the Asturian looked for a project that was 100% committed to him.