An owner mistakenly refueled his McLaren F1 GTR with diesel

I affirm that it is a mistake that I have not made, but I can also assure you that it is something that happens more frequently than we im

I affirm that it is a mistake that I have not made, but I can also assure you that it is something that happens more frequently than we imagine. Making the wrong fuel when filling the car tank usually takes place in many service stations with clueless drivers who choose the wrong hose. Fortunately, it is something that has a solution even in the case of This owner who mistakenly fueled his McLaren F1 GTR with diesel.

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The McLaren F1 is an extremely exclusive vehicle of which only 106 units including all its versions were manufactured. One of the rarest variants is the F1 GTR, a circuit-derived vehicle that, in a very small number of units, can be legally driven on the street. This implies that you can go to refuel at a gas station as you would with any other vehicle. And, of course, that you can also make a mistake when choosing the fuel.

An owner mistakenly refueled a McLaren F1 GTR with diesel

This is what has happened to Francois Perrodo, a millionaire and car enthusiast racing driver who owns, among others, a McLaren F1 GTR. The vehicle in question is number 61 with the Lark-McLaren decoration which entered the 1966 GT500 series (championship that would later become Super GT), with John Nielsen and David Brabham at the wheel.

Returning to the facts, Perrodo went out for a walk around London and decided to stop to refuel his McLaren. The owner mistook the blue color of the hose on this pump for the blue color of the BP Ultimate gas guns that he regularly refuels. Instead of petrol, the driver who won his class at the 2021 Le Mans 24 Hours filled the tank with diesel. When restarting, the BMW V12 engine stopped and didn’t start again.

The owner, faced with the problem that arose, decided to call Paul Lanzantewho runs a classic car workshop and who, in the past, oversaw one of the F1 GTRs that won the 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours. However, when Lanzante failed to start the engine, Perrodo realized there might be a bigger problem.

He mistook the pump hose for the color of the handle

The owner published a series of photos on his Instagram profile and admits that “after 25 years of life dedicated to gasoline cars, I made the mother of all shit! I put diesel in a McLaren F1 GTR”. Perrodo goes on to explain: “I don’t know what was going through my head at that precise moment (actually, probably nothing). I was so happy and excited that I just grabbed the first available nozzle (which was blue by the way) and started filling the car.”

François points out that it is difficult to fit the European diesel nozzle to the filler neck of a petrol tank when it comes to a modern vehicle. However, the F1 is a racing car and has a wide filler neck to refuel as quickly as possible. The most curious thing is that Perrodo is the head of Perenco, an oil and gas company very powerful created by his late father in 1975.

In another photo shared by the owner we can see a technician draining the diesel from the tank of the McLaren F1 GTR. In addition, the fuel system and oil supply had to be cleaned. Perrodo freely admits that he made a silly mistake, but there is no mention of any car problems stemming from the incident.

Main photo: @fanchracing (Instagram)