Analysis of the new football season and the teams

Monday, 15 August 2022, 23:32 Last weekend's Al Limite program was dedicated to the start of the new soccer season, both nati

Monday, 15 August 2022, 23:32

Last weekend’s Al Limite program was dedicated to the start of the new soccer season, both nationally and internationally. The situation of the most significant teams such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético, Sevilla, Liverpool, City, United, Bayern or PSG was analysed. Also, the conditions in the preparation for the World Cup.

Participating in the gathering were Ignacio Arenas (portuguese Tondela sports director), Sergio Villacampa (physical trainer for various professional teams) and the usual Pedro Calvo (national coach). The topics they discussed were:

The 2022-23 season begins. The Spanish teams.

– Transfers (income/expenditure) and analysis of Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid and Sevilla. Villareal and Betis are also mentioned.

– Favorites to the title? The Valencia crisis…

– The Second Division appears very interesting and equalized by the potential of the majority of the teams.

The other great European teams

– The potential of English teams.

– Analysis of Liverpool, Manchester City, M. United, Bayer Munich and PSG.

– The Italian teams have less potential due to their lower budgets.

The World Cup in Qatar in November

– Three types of players: those who go to the World Cup, those who go and barely play and those who don’t go to the World Cup. How are these situations then managed in the teams?

– The post-World Cup is more problematic than the pre-World Cup.

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