Andy Ruiz tells how they pointed him out for his physique…

Disappointed after he couldn't go to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Andy Ruiz Jr. disappointed, but they convinced him to pursue professional boxing

Disappointed after he couldn’t go to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Andy Ruiz Jr. disappointed, but they convinced him to pursue professional boxing and he arrived with freddie roach to train, where at the beginning they pointed him out for his physique.

14 years have passed since that disappointment and now, after his triumph over louis ortizis very close to a new world title fight.

The destroyer He trained as an amateur in Mexico City and had the goal of competing in the 2008 summer fair, but he was not classified.

“When I didn’t qualify for the Olympics I was sad,” the former world heavyweight champion told the channel. One More Round. “I didn’t want to fight anymore.”

The dad of Andy, Andrew Ruizwas determined that his son follow his path in boxing, although his son even thought of going to work with him.

“I told my dad: ‘maybe I’ll work with you,'” he recalled. And his father answered: “No, how are you going to work with me, all the years you dedicated to training and boxing.”

But Andy At first he ignored it. His disappointment led him to fight in the streets, but he was warned that he could end up in jail.

“He was fighting in the streets and he said to me: what do you want to do, fight in the streets and be put in jail or fight for money?” he recalled. Andrew Ruiz. “And I said: fight for money.”

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They pointed out his physique and said he was not a boxer, “he is very fat”

At that time, the Mexican boxer weighed almost 350 pounds and arrived at the gym of one of the best trainers, freddie roach.

“That’s where I focused machin,” added the boxer. “I took with him freddy roachthere I weighed 350 pounds, 345 pounds.”

When he arrived at the gym of the famous trainer, many did not believe that, due to his physical condition, Andy I was a boxer.

“Everyone looked at me and said: ‘This is not a boxer, he’s very fat, he looks like (rapper) Fat Joe,” he recalled. “Until they watched me spar.”

When he put on his gloves and sparred, the chubby, as they saw him, began to earn everyone’s respect.

“They put me with some big black boys,” he recalled. “I put my hands in them and they were: ‘Who is this chubby? That’s where I grabbed, I was grabbing a name.”

Andrew Ruiz could not make his dream of being an Olympic medalist come true, but many years later, in June 2019, he made history by dethroning Anthony Joshua and become the first Mexican boxer to be world heavyweight champion.