Anika Veintemilla goes for the glory of the South American Golf with the Tricolor

Blackjack dreams of international titles for Ecuador. That was the main motivation for return to the capital after five years and participate in the Amateur Championship, at the Quito Tennis and Golf Club (QTGC).

She is guayaquileñabut for several years lives in the United States, where he studies International Business. Is golf scholarship, so you must share the books with the courts.

And so far it’s going well. Feel that has improved his technique, while approaching the academic goal. In a year and a half will finish the race.

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And that’s why it doesn’t stop. In December he went on vacation and devoted himself full time to training and tournaments. He was part of the national team in the last Copa de los Andes, where Ecuador was ranked fifth.

“I have prepared very well to have a great tournament. I feel that Ecuador has a team to achieve it. But of course, as in all sports, it will depend a lot on how we are on the days of competitions”, he indicated.

Although she has played since she was little on the field of QTGC, in the first days he felt the height effects, both in his physique and in the type of blows he must make.

“At first I was a bit choked, But I feel better. It helped to be very well prepared physically and mentally. I also have calibrated the blow. At height I hit him 20 yards stronger and it was time to adjust all that”.

According to her, the field is an advantage for the locals. “On this court you have to know where the mistakes are, where to throw it, because if you play it aggressively, you can ‘muddy’ it very easily. It takes from a lot technique, but you can benefit from the conditions”.

Take as an example the ‘green’. He feels that on this court the ball rolls perfectly and it is only enough to pay attention to the fall of the ground. “In other places you have to give him a sign so that he goes to the hole. Here you can better calculate the type of blow. This court is incredible and that also helps to have good records”.


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The trainers Joseph Miranda and John Moncayo They helped you in this process. adaptation. He was also working on his own.

Blackjack dreams of reaching professional golf. She knows that it will be a hard road, but since she was little she has been committed to achieving that goal. And if things don’t work out perfectly, she’ll always be into this sport anyway. Studies are support. He is looking for a career that allows him to earn a living, but he makes it clear that golf will always be one of his priorities.