Antonio Brown throws himself against Tom Brady in interview

Miami, Florida.- Antonio Brown's situation is still on everyone's lips. The wide end is currently a free agent after being cut by his former team

Miami, Florida.- Antonio Brown’s situation is still on everyone’s lips. The wide end is currently a free agent after being cut by his former team. Tampa bay buccaneers in recent days, derived from having retired from the New York Jets field.

According to various sources Antonio Brown He made the show of taking off the Bucs uniform and abandoning his teammates because he refused to play hurt, a question that the Head Coach Bruce Arians, who, according to AB, forced him to play even though he was injured.

For the first time he spoke publicly about this controversy prior to the last week of activities in the National Football League (), however he used his presentation on the Full Send Podcast program to go against the quarterback. .

“The GOAT” is the only one that has expressed solidarity with Antonio Brown after this controversy, but the free agent pointed out that Brady did everything possible to get him signed only to win, he never felt supported by the seven-time Super Bowl champion, who says be your “friend”.

Antonio Brown was cut by the Bucs

“Brady is the general manager. He’s the guy my agent signed the contract with, he’s the middle man and the politician. I talked to Tom and he knows I’m not going to play. For me, a friend is someone who supports you. No. everyone in sports is going to be your friend, “explained Antonio Brown.

“Tom Brady is my friend because I am a good player. He needs me to play football. People have different meanings of what friendship is. You cannot expect anyone to be your friend in the football business,” he added. open wing.

Antonio Brown was absent half of the championship due to his injury and for having falsified his vaccination record. He advised that he will seek to return to the NFL after undergoing ankle surgery. “I’m trying to get my ankle cleaned to rekindle my career.”

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