Article by the psychologist Manuel Salgado on the mental part of golf

(© Golffile | David Lloyd) It is possible that you are no longer surprised by what you are going to read, eit

(© Golffile | David Lloyd)

It is possible that you are no longer surprised by what you are going to read, either because it is already part of your preparation strategy or because you know someone who has that figure to improve their performance. If so, I’m happy for you. If not, pay attention, because when you finish reading this article you may consider contacting one.

The title discovers that the professional I am referring to is the psychologist, more specifically the sports psychologist, an expert who has been proving his worth in the preparation of any athlete year after year, until today establishing himself as one more member of any technical staff.

It is not my wish that this my first article for my Ten-Golf friends becomes a plea for my profession, but I did want to start by making it clear what we do from Sports Psychology, in case there is still some clueless person who did not find out .

We don’t make you win a game. We do not hit the ball for you, nor do we choose the club that suits you best.

What do we do? Our work is oriented so that you remain motivated in training and competition; so you can take advantage of your workouts; so that you maximize your skills; to help you recover before an injury; So that your private life affects as little as possible your performance in matches or so that you are able to take the step of retiring from high competition, if that is what you want.

In short, the psychologist works with you to manage psychological variables in a way that adds to you, both in performance and in the pleasure of continuing to practice this beautiful sport that is golf.

Yes, I say well, WORK, because we do not use magic wands, or medicines, or a crystal ball. We simply base ourselves on the assessment we make of each athlete, their route, their environment, their desires, everything to guide the psychological training with the intention that when you finish a game of golf you can feel proud of your effort, whatever it is. be the final result achieved.

Perhaps more articles will come, more concrete, more practical, more useful. I hope so, because it will be a sign that you understand what I can contribute from Sports Psychology, with my MSF method.

Meanwhile, continue to enjoy and appreciate the benefits of practicing this sport.

Keep lowering your handicap, but always having fun!

* Manuel Salgado is a sports psychologist who, among other occupations, worked at Sevilla Fútbol Club.