“As a child I should have listened to my father more”

Published: Friday, September 17, 2021 20:

Carlos Sainz has had the best teacher at home. His father is a motorsport legend and his advice has been constant. You think you have heard him, but maybe not enough.

In a chat with Ferrari fans, the Spaniard has confessed about his childhood. Asked what he would change, he answered convinced: “Listen more to my father.”

“90% of the time he was right because he is your father and it is in the nature of the child to go against his father or uncle who knows a little more about whatever it is. Normally you go a little against that”, explains Sainz Jr.

“Most of the time he was right and then I had to learn it myself by making a mistake,” explains the Formula 1 driver.

Sainz regrets not having “applied before” all the advice that his father gave him: “Although I consider that I listen to him a lot and make an effort to put what he says into practice, there are many things that I did not do and I wish I had applied them sooner. But at the same time, that’s what makes you grow as a person. “

The pilot continues in his good line in his first season as a Ferrari driver. Not far behind Charles Leclerc in qualifying, the former McLaren continues to work towards his best version in SF21.