Aspadisi will raise funds with the sale of tickets for the Octopus venue

The Cer&Ber group, sponsor of the Fe

The Cer&Ber group, sponsor of the Festa do Pulpo, receives as such for the popular meal in the Municipal Park precinct this Sunday. As an act of solidarity, the group has made the decision to give away these tickets and others that were acquired by themselves to the association, with the aim of putting them up for to raise to build a new residence.

From Aspadisi they explain that the amount obtained from the sale of these tickets will be used for the construction of the residence with which they hope to “improve the lives of their users and their families”, with 32 places in 16 rooms.

For this reason, the tickets will have a minimum price of 50 euros, which can be increased according to the will of the buyers, thus being able to make a personal donation. They are available at the reception of the Apartahotel Arenteiro at any time, where they can also obtain more information.