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Attractive boxing dual meet

Koasicha Boxing will be active this day when it faces the Matehuala National Team, in an attractive dual amateur boxing meet that will take place at Álvaro Obregón Park in the city of Las Camelias starting at 3:00 p.m.

The UMBE Matehuala organization is the one that is organizing this function where interesting fights have been scheduled in the different branches, categories and divisions, the protagonists of this function have been summoned at 2:00 p.m. for the weigh-in session.

The scheduled fights are in the 38 kilos, Ángel Eduardo Rosales from Matehuala against Marco Gil from San Luis (Toño Rodríguez), in the 4º kilos, Manuel Sánchez from Matehuala against Jorge Vargas from Koasicha Team, in the 50 kilos, Roberto Obregón from Matehuala against Pablo Vargas of Koasicha Boxing; in the 51 kilos, Oscar Abraham Martínez from Matehuala against Carlos Saúl Beltrán from Koasicha Boxing; in the 57 kilos, Sebastián Ruiz from Matehuala against Agustín Moreno from Koasicha Boxing.

In the 59 kilos, Ernesto Ruiz from Matehuala against Alan Daniel Moreno from Koasicha Boxing; in the 75 kilos, Mario Rodríguez from Matehuala against Omar Gómez Solorio from Koasicha Boxing; in the 69 kilos, Cristian Moreno from Matehuala against David Emilio Rodríguez from Koasicha Boxing; in the 74 kilos, Ángel Enrique Martínez from Matehuala against Arturo Pedraza from the Koasicha Team; and in post 58 kilos, Dulce María Guadalupe González de Matehuala against Matilde Sara

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