Away from cars: Fernando Alonso and the investments he made with his fortune

Thanks to his great performances inside the tracks, Fernando Alonso He has established himself as one of the visible faces within Formula 1. Beyon

Thanks to his great performances inside the tracks, He has established himself as one of the visible faces within . Beyond the fact that his present is very far from what his past was, the Spaniard enjoys the honey of his fortune. About this, the investments he made over the years came to light.

First, The former world champion launched his own clothing brand a long time ago: Kimoa. This venture was born in 2017 with the clear objective of imposing its style in the fashion environment although, as a result of some inconveniences, Fernando Alonso decided to sell part of the firm’s shares to another company in 2021.

Fernando Alonso debuted in Formula 1 in 2001

In turn, the current driver created FA Racing, an agency representing young talent in the various competitions that world motorsports presents. It is there where the Spaniard will be able to present his experience in this universe and he hopes that the stars of tomorrow will go through his advice.

Based on these businesses, several portals specialized in this kind of subject indicate that, up to now, Fernando Alonso He has a heritage that extends to 450 million dollars, although this figure could increase in the following years in which the media performs in Formula 1. There is no doubt that his future will be resolved.

Helmut Marko surprised when referring to Alonso

Just a few hours ago, Helmut Marko completely surprised locals and strangers by expressing himself regarding the present of the former world champion. In this sense, he maintained that the media is in a position to obtain a victory in the highest category of world motorsports in the remainder of the season.

Fernando Alonso was world champion in 2005 and 2006

In turn, the head of Red Bull pointed out that Fernando Alonso It is the great surprise of this 2022 edition of Formula 1, since there are very few who thought that the Spanish could sustain this level. The European, for his part, rests in the company of the people who love him most and prepare for exciting competitions.