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Azerbaijan GP F1 2022: Toto Wolf, upset about being third in the constructors’ championship: “It is not acceptable for Mercedes”

Mercedes is in third position in the constructors championship. The German team adds 134 points. Very far from Red Bull (235) and ferrari (199). Logically, in the general of pilots they are not doing very well either. George Russell is fourth with 84 points, while Lewis Hamilton It is sixth with 50. A disaster for a team accustomed to sweeping the hybrid era (eight titles in a row in teams and seven in pilots).

So it’s not surprising that toto wolff he did not refrain from exercising self-criticism. The current rhythm of the ‘silver arrows’ is “unacceptable” for the parameters in which the star mark moves. So thinks Toto Wolff.

The director of the Mercedes team has explained that They are not at all happy with their situation. They do not fight for victories… nor for podiums. His natural position right now is to be fifth and sixth in every race. If they improve that position it is due to the failures of the ‘Top 2’.

I think we are the third best team, we are not second or fourth. We have two extremely strong drivers, but it’s hugely annoying for us that it doesn’t do much good. If you look at it optimistically, they are five tenths of a difference with the two best teams. If you look at it pessimistically, it’s more like eight tenths. And clearly, for all of us at Mercedes, that is not acceptable.“, points out the Austrian leader.

In Baku they wait for Monaco

After the suffering of Monaco, now comes another urban circuit such as Bak. track engineering director, Andrew Shovlinannounces that more of the same may happen this weekend.

“Bak could present some challenges similar to Monaco for us. We are working on areas to try to improve driving. We are looking to run the car a little closer to its top. But we are very aware that as well as adding basic performance to the car, we need to make it work on a wider range of circuits. These are all things we are busy with in preparation for Bak, but also in the longer term because other challenging tracks will emerge. It is working very hard because the team and drivers are desperate to get back to the front“.

The fact is that Mercedes has only been able to get its drivers to climb into the box in three times so far in the course. Two went to Russell and one to Hamilton. The Lewis thing draws a lot of attention. The seven-time champion, who holds all the important F1 records (103 victories, 183 podiums and 103 pole positions), is suffering tremendously in this 2022 season. Incredible, but true.

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