Azul participated in the Buenos Aires Cup in men’s soccer

In the last two days, local men's 11-a-side soccer teams play

In the last two days, local men’s 11-a-side soccer teams played in the regional tournament of the Buenos Aires Cup.

In this regard, last Wednesday, the Sub 14 led by Professor Matías Belló played in Bolívar, where in principle they tied 1-1 with the representatives of 25 de Mayo, with a goal by Tiziano Giobi; game that ended on penalties 11 to 10 in favor of the Azuleños.

Then, they competed against the team from the host town with which they also tied 1-1, with Santiago Venancio scoring the goal and later losing on penalties 4-3, with no chance of continuing in the tournament.

This division was made up of Benicio Zaffora, Tomás Mazzei, Bautista Fernández Ribet, Tobías Contreras, Matías Barcelona, ​​Felipe Cortés, Uriel Frías, Juan Iturregui, Tomás Bello, Joaquín Arias, Benjamín Pavón, Ollearo Guzmán, Pedro Álvarez, Thiago Suárez, Santiago Venancio , Tiziano Giobi, Benjamín Montinez, Thiago Zárate and Gerónimo Inda.

While a day later in Las Flores the U16 -led by Matías Bello and Rodolfo Genco- went on to the final that will be played in Olavarría next month.

To do so, they first beat Tapalqué 4-1, with goals from Simón Genco, Salvador Callejo, Francisco Nasselo and Felipe Irursun; then he won the semifinal against Las Flores 2-1, with goals from Mateo Sueldía and Kevin Grimaldi.

In addition to the scorers, the Azuleño team was made up of Vicente Chiodi, Lucas Zaffora, Ignacio Ponce, Santiago Cestac, Pedro Aprea, Agustín Borda, Facundo Chávez, Thiago Bassano, Agustín Blanco, Benjamín Broglio, Santiago Leone, Matías Marchisio and Sebastián Ladaga.

It should be remembered that the Buenos Aires Cup is organized by the Provincial Undersecretary of Sports and the finalists in each of the different sports disciplines will make up the provincial delegation at the Evita 2022 National Games.