Backyard boxing continues to scramble

Wednesday, July 20, 2022 – 12:00 a.m.

Against the Strings of El Siglo on July 20, 2022

While the push and pull continues due to the famine, the different avenues of the capital continue to be crammed with waste, because the corner of the toilet is not up to the task. There are no resources to provide them with the necessary equipment to stand beautifully in the center of the ring, but there is talk of waste, for example on May 5, that is why the primer has been lengthened.

The tricolors must learn from the mistakes made, which has them at the bottom of the local ranking. They must change the strategy and give answers in the short term, to keep the fans happy.

We are going for three weeks of a lot of pressure, to see how the stables involved do not agree. The tricolor promoter, the one who rules in the court, must try to find a solution, but soon, listening to the fans that she has been the hardest hit in all these months.

Returning to the topic of cleanliness, the boss of this division continues with the crown despite having shown that he does not hit or stamps. He is one of the second to the heavyweight king who has performed the least.

You only have to take a few turns to see how dramatic the situation is, an epidemic can be unleashed, it has to be resolved.

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