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Barcelona | Aubameyang, the side B of the signing of Lewandowski

Aubameyang and Lewandowski, Auba and Lewi. Teammates at Borussia Dortmund in the 2013-14 season, then rivals when the Pole left the Ruhr for Bavaria, fate could bring them together again in Barcelona. Aubameyang will turn 33 in June; Lewandowski, 34 in August. To contextualize, Luis Suárez left Barça at the age of 33.

One wonders what the coexistence of two stars would be like, although they have different profiles, like Lewandowski and Aubameyang. The Best, more orthodox, would arrive with a letter of nature to the Barça club. With the label of still the best player in the world. And as a media footballer to put Barça back on the marketing map. But Aubameyang, somewhat more strident, also has his pride. He made an effort to get to Barça for free and he succeeded. And not only that. Qualified as “superfichaje” by Xavi, can present the business card of their numbers: eleven goals with some memorable night like the one at the Bernabéu.

In England, Aubameyang became less involved with what was happening at Arsenal when he was no longer indisputable. Also when Arteta began to play his place in the field and made him leave from the band. Something that he should do at Barça if Lewandowski arrives, because The Best’s position as nine would be immovable.

One more door can always be left open. The exit. Aubameyang signed with Barça until June 2025, with a bilateral exit clause agreed for 2023. If the Gabonese, member 143,282, is not convinced by his fit in the team next season, he could sit down with the executives of the Barça club. Mercado was not going to miss him after his months at Barça. But superstars have their pride. And he could decide to stay and compete with Lewandowski.

For now, that may be anticipation. The goal of the Gabonese, although it is already complicated, is to become the winter signing with the most goals in the history of LaLiga. Zigic did 13 with Racing in 2009 and Ilie, 12 with Valencia in 1998. Auba, the man with the Dragon Ball at the Bernabéu, has no less than eleven. But for Barça it is not enough. That’s why he goes for Lewandowski.

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