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Bayern 3 – Barcelona 0: summary, result and goals. Champions League

Bad sensation. It is not what we wanted or what the club and fans deserve. This is the reality. The reality is that we are going to the Europa League and that we are in a tough, difficult and painful situation, but there are many factors. We know the delicate situation of the club, things have not been done well, the players have also lacked things to achieve results. Clearly yes. Many teams have been through this situation. Chelsea have passed, Bayern for more years … Barça is a great club, we know what they deserve. There is a change of directive, a change of staff … We know that there is an economic problem. We’re going to give it our all and the fans don’t deserve it but we have to think that way. It will depend on many factors but we have a team to compete. I know that we are going to get better because I know how the staff is working. In football the results send but surely we are going to go up. Now that it has happened, the Europa League is the goal. There is frustration. It hurts and hurts pride, but we have won the situation in part on the field. If we had gotten more points … We did not do things well in the first days. At home I think we were good and we deserve to win but luck was not with us. If now it has to be in the Europa League, so be it and as the coach has said, let a new stage begin in which we leave Barça where it deserves “

Busquets, Barcelona captain

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