BCS returns to the top of national boxing

La Paz, Baja California Sur.- The finals of the boxing discipline were present in Culiacán, Sinaloa, where the participation o

La Paz, Baja California Sur.- The finals of the boxing discipline were present in Culiacán, Sinaloa, where the participation of Baja California Sur was the protagonist in the last outing in search of the medals, leaving an extraordinary participation in 2022, where They placed 12 boxers in the 2022 national contest, surpassing the previous year where only 1 representative arrived at this event.

During the concluding day for this sport, the first to go into action was Iván Higuera Rojas from La Paz, who faced Pedro Jesús Valadez from Jalisco in the 50kg; being the battle for the latter who took the fight by unanimous decision and with it the South Californian obtains the silver medal alongside his coach Jesús Sánchez Higuera in the first sports experience in the tournament where the best fighters in the country are.

Axel Gabriel Molina Martínez appeared in the second final fight for Sudcalifornia, against the local Sinaloa Hugo Padilla in the 80kg, the fighter from Sinaloa achieving the victory and the second position for the peninsular and his trainer Erick Cristian de la Luz Méndez who come to the last instance of this competition.

Almost simultaneously, Jaime Enrique Osuna Díaz also entered the ring and stood in the ring to star in the third fight against the representative of Morelos Yahir Ruiz, being a spectacular fight where the Mulegé boxer came from behind to shake the odds, defeating by split decision to his rival, consecrating himself as the best in the 75kg division; With the support of his father and coach Aurelio Osuna, in this way Baja California Sur has a gold medal that accredits him as national champion.

The native of Loreto, Francisco Romero Mayoral came up for the fourth boxing chapter, facing Emilio Antonio Roa from Chihuahua in 80kg; Roa came out the winner, awarding the silver metal to the man from Loreto on this sports route, who returns with a great result in this national facet.

The person in charge of closing the account for Baja California Sur corresponded to the pride of San Bartolo, José Javier Trasviña Baltazar, who was face to face with Aarón Amaro from San Luis Potosí in the +92kg; leaving motivated by the result of his companions, turning the clash in favor of San Luis Potosí in the judges’ ruling, so the fourth silver medal came through Trasviña and his instructor Antonio Salas.

This is how the South Californian boxing cycle closes with excellent results that mark the return of great exponents to the sport of fists, being a prolific generation that obtains a gold medal by Jaime Enrique Osuna Díaz; four silver medals went to Iván Higuera Rojas, Axel Gabriel Molina Martínez, Francisco Romero Mayoral and José Javier Trasviña Baltazar, in addition to the two bronze medals to Carlos Daniel Martínez Espinoza and Antonio Valentín Arana Martínez.