Ben Simmons out indefinitely due to herniated disc

Australian basketball player Ben Simmonsplayer of the Brooklyn Netssuffers from a herniated disc that prevents him from training normally, so he wi

Australian player player of the suffers from a herniated disc that prevents him from training normally, so he will continue to be out for an indefinite period of time, Canadian coach reported Monday.

“He already had this problem a couple of years ago, he has suffered it during his career. And I imagine that the pain has become more acute,” he assured. Steve Nash in the run-up to the game of the Brooklyn Nets against the Utah Jazz.

Nash considered that Simmons suffered this problem several months ago and that, since the pain worsened again, his player’s back has not returned to normal.

“Hopefully he will recover soon,” added the coach, who has not yet been able to count on Simmons since his team incorporated him on February 10 in an operation that led James Harden to sign for the Philadelphia 76ers.

nashwho suffered from back problems throughout his brilliant career in , He stressed that these injuries are particular, so he cannot give advice to his player on how to cure them.

“I had back problems, but these are different things. Is very difficult for me to share my experience, because my back was different. You never know how he’s going to respond,” she said.

“One day you feel very good, and the next you realize that it is a serious problem. You have to be patient and see how it evolves“, he added.

Ben Simmons before a match

During his time as a player in the phoenix suns, nash he used to lie on the ground to relieve pressure on his back when he was on the bench.

The Australian player’s last game dates back to June 2021when he was a member of the 76ers.