Bennedict Mathurin, possible great revelation rookie NBA 2022/23

There is hope for the immediate future in the Indiana Pacers, a franchise that feels they have already found a really remarkable sports

There is hope for the immediate future in the , a franchise that feels they have already found a really remarkable sports project and with which to develop a competitive spirit that, in the medium term, should make them firm candidates for the ring. After many seasons with very neat teams that guaranteed their entry into the playoffs, but without the necessary talent to make that last qualitative leap, in Indianapolis they have made bold decisions that could be revolutionary. One of them is having selected Benedict Mathurina player who can be the true revolution of the league this year as a rookie.

Very tall and strong shooting guard, with an enormous scoring ability after the bounce, good outside shooting percentages (around 37% in NCAA) and the possibility of defending players from various positions, the confidence he has in himself is enormous and Those who have seen him play affirm that he is the rookie who can break the mold. He has arrived in the league warning everyone that he is willing to show that he is a player with a view to generating a historical legacy and that he does not see anyone better than him, even daring to question the greatness of Lebron James and running to defend him when he see the faces Such a character is what is needed to succeed in NBA and there are several experts who see him as a spectacular player.

Mathurin will share backcourt with Haliburton and Duarte in Indiana Pacers

“The Pacers have gotten a gem with this pick. Mathurin is the true diamond in the rough of this Draft. He’s going to win and he’s going to do it with great authority.” This assertion has been reaffirmed by many league scouts and experts, amazed at the physical and technical deployment of Benedict Mathurin in pre- and post-draft workouts. It must be remembered that he will form a splendid and young backcourt, with Haliburton and Duarte, while the project could be completed with a jewel. And it is that Brogdon will leave the team in the form of a transfer that could attract some good player and the option of signing Ayton is still open.