Benzema makes history in French football at club level: the details

Karim Benzema, Real Madrid© photo by Federico Titone / BernabeuDigital.comKarim Benzema has once again broken another record, this time the French

Karim Benzema, Real Madrid

© photo by Federico Titone / BernabeuDigital.com

Karim Benzema has once again broken another record, this time the French top scorer at club level, beating none other than Thierry Henry. The box is located as follows after today’s game: 361 goals for our captain, and 360 for the former Arsenal and Fútbol Club Barcelona player, among others. The season of the Real Madrid striker is being stratospheric, since he has already 11 goals in the domestic competition, added to the 5 harvested in the Champions League, he is unstoppable and determined to get what it would be, his first Ballon d’Or.

The luxury duo with Vinicius

Among the best players they understand each other perfectly, and that explosion is what is happening this season, since together they have 27 goals, in addition to the many assists. This is what defines and decides which players are superstars and which are not, since they are making history together and winning games with these key plays. Today’s game, for example, ended with a goal for Benzema and the one with the victory was for Vinicius Jr, who helped to consolidate the leadership.